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1500hp VFD Rig #R1783
1500hp VFD Rig #R1783 Price: Contact Us 1500hp vfd rig

Product Description

1500HP V.F.D. RIG 50Hz (4) Available  

Rig Nominal Drilling Capacity
Max. Hook load
Rated power of drawworks
Main brake (HPU included)
Auxiliary brake
Lines of  strung
Diameter of drilling line
Max. O.D of sheave, hoisting system
Bore diameter of swivel stem
Model and Qty of mud pumps
Rotary table opening size
Mast model and Clear Height  
Model of substructure
Height of drill floor
Clear height under RT beam
Power system
Electric control system
Hoisting Equipment
Drawworks assembly / related equipment
Hydraulic Disc Brake(Primary brake)
Dynamic brake(Auxiliary brake)
Automatic Driller
AC Motors 600kw
Crown Block TC-315
Mast &  related equipment
Monkey Board
Tubing Belly Board
Casing Stabbing Board
Fastline Stabilizer
Dead line Stabilizer
Safety Climb Assist
Fall Arrest System
Mast Escape Device
Torque reaction beam
Traveling Block YC-315
Hook DG-315
Substructure & floor related equipment
Rat hole and mouse hole pipe
Hydraulic buffer
Driller's cabin
Dog House
Tool  House
Drilling  line 1 ⅜”
Drill Line Spooler
Other related equipment
Dead line Anchor & Support JZG34A
0.5T Air Winch
5T Air Winch
Man Rider Winch
Hydraulic cathead 16T
BOP handling system
Scaffolding System (BOP Work Platform)
Cable Trays/grasshopper
HPU for tools
Pipe Rack
Hydraulic riser
Rotary equipment
Rotary table375
RT independent Driven Unit
5 1/4'' Kelly bushing   
3 1/2'' Kelly  bushing   
Master bushing
2 3/8'' - 8 5/8'' insert
9 5/8'' - 10 3/4'' insert
113/4‘’- 13 3/8‘’insert
20‘’ insert bowl
Drilling bushing
Lifting sling
Bit Breaker adapter plate with bit breaker
DC Motors
Anti-slip mat
Swivel  combined with  air Spinner
Mud Pumps   and high pressure discharge system
Mud Pumps F-1600
Enclosed V-belt drive, hood, skid
DC Motors
Super Charging  system, Pumps and pipe included
Inflator pump ,pipe and joint
High Pressure Mud Lines
Stand Pipe Manifold
Ground  Manifold
Rotary Hose  
Cement Standpipe
Low pressure mud system
Mud tanks(12000×3000×2600mm)
Trip tank + Forced  water tank
Pill tank
Shale shaker
Vacuum Degasser
Mud Cleaner
Sand Pumps for mud cleaner, degasser  
Mixing Hopper
Mixing pumps
Mud Guns
Poor Boy Degasser(MGS)
Mud cabin
Other related equipment
Bell nipple
Flow line
Eyewash station and showering
Piping, fitting, valve and union
Prime mover & Power  transmission System (VFD/MCC ) , Air Supply System
Main generators CAT3512B
Emergency Generator
Generators houses
Drillers console (Located in Drillers cabin)
Air Supply System
Full Lighting system
Fuel,  Air  & Water supply System
Fuel tank 50m³
Water Tank
BOP and  Well control Equipment
21 1/4''x2000psi Annular BOP
21 1/4''x2000psi Drilling spool
13-5/8'' x5000psi Annular BOP  
13 5/8''x 5000psi  Single Ram type BOP
13 5/8''x 5000psi  Double Ram type BOP
Ram 1x2-3/8'',2x3-1/2'',3x5'',1x13 3/8",1x9- 5/8'',1x,7- 5/8'',1x7'', 1x5 1/2' and 1xshear ram
13 5/8''x 5000psi Drilling spool
Accumulator Unit
Choke Manifold  
Kill  Manifold  
Choke line 10mx10000psiWP with HCR and Manual valve one each
Kill Line 10000psi WP, with non-return valve, manual valve and FIG1502 lug union
Remote control console for choke manifold
2''Chicksan Loop Hose 10000psi WP
BOP testing flange, pump, and etc.
Lower Kelly cock for 3-1/2'' Kelly,10000psi WP
Lower Kelly cock for 5-3/4'' Kelly,10000psi WP
Drilling Instrumentation
Drill String
5'',  D.P,  Grade G.105
3 1/2'' D.P Grade G. 105
5'' heavyweight D.P
9 1/2'' or 9'' x 3'' spiral  DC
8'' x 3'' spiral   DC
6 3/4'' or 6 1/2'' spiral  DC
4 3/4'' or 4 1/2'' x 2'' ID spiral  DC
Pup joints
Pipe handling Equipment
Drill  string handling tool
 manual tong
elevator  for drill  string 3 1/2”D.P  and 5”DP
elevator  for drill  string 11”, 9”,8”, 6 1/2”, 4 3/4”D.C
Power spinning wrench for D.P
slips for drill  string 3 1/2”D.P  and 5”DP
Casing string handling tool
manual tong for casing
elevator for casing
slips  for casing
Spider & Spider Elevator for casing 13 3/8'' , 9 5/8'' ,7'' , 6 5/8''  
power casing tong for casing size( 20'' , 13 3/8'' , 9 5/8'' , 7'' ,   6 5/8'')
Tubing string handling tool
elevator for tubing
slips  for tubing
Tubing power tong
Elevator Links
350T Elevator Link
250T Elevator Link
Flashing Tools
Camp ,workshop  and warehouse
Safety equipment
Gas detection system
Communication equipment
Sling ,tool  and assembly accessories  for rig installation
Assembly accessories
Hydraulic wireline cutter
YQ1-50T hydraulic jack
QL16 mechanical jack
Rig commissioning charge
Documentation ,painting and packing charge
Specialist service on site
Land freight