Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Caterpillar G399LCNA  #E1027
Caterpillar G399LCNA #E1027 Price: $60,000.00 caterpillar-g399lcna

Product Description

ONE (1) CAT Nat Gas model G399LCNA 350kw

The 350 KW Caterpillar Natural Gas Generator Set

side covers were  pulled and inspected .

G399LCNA engine Serial #:49C261

Natural Aspirated 7:1 Compression Ratio

KATO 1200 RPM 12 lead reconnectable brushless Synchronous

AC Generator presently hooked up

for 480 volt. Capable of other Voltages.

32VDC Electric Pre-lube pump PIC Electronic Ignition.

Woodward EG3P Electronic governor.

Low hrs. Was utility Co.

This engine has no hour meter.

The drive was used for the new ignition system pickup.

G399NA engine currently driving a 350Kw / 480V KATO

This is in Edmonton

In real nice shape.

Radiator is extra